Safety Tips

Although it is a fairly safe activity, cycling can be dangerous thanks to other drivers that do not pay attention or exhibit poor driving skills. With this in mind, you can still consider cycling to be safe, but you should practice safety any time you are on your bike. You can decrease your risk for collision or an accident by taking several easy to follow safety precautions.

Below are a few cycling safety tips

You should always drive defensively and be prepared for the actions of other drivers. There are bad drivers out there, and you need to expect this. When you are riding your bike, it is also important to be aware of everything going on around you.

It is not a good idea to wear headphones while you are cycling. You should follow this rule with not only phone headsets, but music as well. They will only decrease your level of awareness while cycling and may make it difficult for you to listen for things happening around you. You should take the bus, or at the very least avoid cycling if you cannot bring yourself to put them away.

Your cycling clothes should breathe well, keeping you dry, whiles maintaining your warmth It is easy to become distracted while riding and if you are too hot or wet and cold, you may not pay attention to important details that you need to know.

You should also take care to choose safe cycling clothes. Safety should be your priority, putting fashion on a back burner. You need to wear a helmet to protect your head in the event of an accident, and choose clothes that are highly visible to other drivers, reducing the odds of an accident.

Also, always check your bike before going cycling and keep it well maintained. Watch the breaks especially close, because you may find yourself in a situation where you need to stop very quickly.

Do not forget that you have as many rights to use the road as cars. Road hogs are not polite but often times, cyclists will creep slowly along the side of the road, making it difficult to maneuver around other vehicles or obstacles.

Take into consideration what other drivers may expect from you. You may need to swerve quickly to avoid hitting a drain cover or pothole that many cars would simply roll over, which may catch other drivers off guard. Also, if you find yourself maneuvering through slow traffic you should be careful to watch for cars that may be turning or may try to squeeze into traffic gaps.

People rarely think to look for cyclists when they get out of a parked car, so it is up to you to watch for people that may unexpectedly exit their car. Keep an eye out for people sitting in parked cars, and practice extreme caution when you are near train stations or places that people may get out of their car quickly, even if traffic is moving slowly.

Trucks are also a serious danger for cyclists despite having large mirrors, and truck drivers may not be able to see you well. This makes it very important to avoid trucks at all costs. Also, be very careful to avoid getting stuck on the inside lane, because the truck may turn suddenly and you will have no where to go.