Bike Saddles

Many potential cycling enthusiasts never can get themselves into the regimen of taking their bike out and going for long rides. For most people, the problem stems from high levels of discomfort in their butt and crotch regions, which just isn’t worth the benefits that cycling can provide. Even worse, initial discomfort can lead to infected abrasions called saddle sores, which are even more painful and require significant healing time.

The majority of these problems can be prevented by making sure you have a good saddle in place. That’s the main point of contact between your body and the bike, so it needs to be up to par. Of course, there’s not just one “good saddle” out there for you. A good saddle is the saddle that fits your body properly, and prevents pain and discomfort from setting into you.

People come in different sizes and shapes, with different tolerances and desires, different body compositions and so on. Therefore, there are tons of different saddles for you to choose between. You can’t rely solely on a guide, you need to get out there and try different saddles and see what is actually comfortable for you. Your own opinion is ultimately all that matters.

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One of the most important elements of finding a good saddle is getting one in the appropriate width. On each side of your butt, you have a spot that is the main spot where pressure and contact will occur. Try taking a seat on a curb or a low stool and notice where you feel the pressure.

That’s the area of your butt that you want your saddle to be under. Using a saddle that’s narrower than those spots will increase pressure to the area in between, an area all too sensitive for that. Too wide will also increase pressure but not enabling you to sit properly on those points.

You generally want to look for a saddle that’s flat in all directions. Different saddles have different amounts of curving from side to side and dipping from front to back, which can be comfortable for different people. However, if you don’t get one that’s just right it can lead to increased pressure in bad areas, which can lead to pain and saddle sores. Opt for a flat saddle, especially to begin with.

Just because a saddle looks like it has a ton of padding doesn’t mean that will translate to more comfort for you when riding. In fact, too much padding can have the opposite effect. The extra padding doesn’t put the pressure in the appropriate spots on your behind, which adds pressure to the rest of your underside.