Cycling Jerseys

Cycling jerseys, or cycling shirts, are specially designed for cycling, and they are one of the chief accessories for cycling. Along with cycling shirts, cycling gloves, cycling shoes, and cycling caps are also important.

Lots of cyclists from all over, wear t-shirts, sweatshirts, active shorts or pants, and other types of casual clothing. For people who are very serious about cycling, and for professional cyclists, they generally use shirts that are made for cycling, since they have several advantages.

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Cycling jerseys have wonderful advantages over regular clothing, due to the comfort it gives the cyclist. They are designed to maintain the comfort level of the cyclist, when they are cycling intensely, by keeping them cooler. The shirts are made of a material that pulls wetness away from the skin. To the surprise of many, there are quite a few wool jerseys that are comfortable and well crafted.

For many cyclists, the breathability, feel, moisture control, and the fact that wool shirts have great wicking ability, make them a favorite for cyclists all over. There are also shirts that are made of polyester, that also absorb moisture, and since they dry fast, they are also well liked by cyclists. However, shirts that are created with synthetic fibers, become very uncomfortable when they become wet or damp.

A top characteristic of shirts that are made for cycling, is the fact that they have lengthy slits in the back. Biking shirts are cut like this, so that the cyclist can be comfortable when they are bent over. There are also shirts for cyclists that feature pockets. These pockets are found in the back of the shirt. Many of these shirts also have zippers built in to them. When the cyclist gets too hot, they can open the jersey, to attempt to cool themselves down.

Cyclists that take the sport seriously, prefer to use shirts that are snug fitting, so as to lower air resistance. They also have to allow the body to breathe, while being tight at the same time. They have to be able to get rid of moisture that is on a cyclist's skin. Some of the features that enable a cycling shirt to be great, are: a sleek design, great craftsmanship, a very lightweight design, and above all, it being comfortable for the cyclist.